Which Would You Choose If You Had the Choice?

in Success November 6, 2019

Which Would You Choose If You Had the Choice?

Doubles a day a month …

What would you choose if he now paid you $ 1,000,000 (million dollars), or twice a day, every day for a month?

If you have not read this parable before, like most people, you are now likely to choose one million people. But you would be the wrong choice. One penny, doubling every day for a month and adding up to 3 103,737,188 … and 24 cents.


A dying man gave his sons two options, one for each, 000 1,000,000 cash or a penny. One of the sons now chooses a quarter of a million pounds, but by the time his financial advisors paid their commissions, he had suffered some losses in the stock market in 30 days, in which he had lost most of his money.

The second son took Penny’s many choices from his father for thirty days, put it in his bag, and went and read his book. He had the capacity for knowledge and learned the habits of thought and movement that allowed him to make the right decision, all of which add to compound interest, foreign exchange and multiplication, all of which add up to your light apartment.

Every day, every hour, the choices you make are spread throughout your life like water hyacinth. You may not see results today or tomorrow or even next year. In fact, by the time you see the results, the process will most likely be on the surface of the pool and it will be completely covered. What is the question? You can choose.

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Four Steps to Success

If you are ambitious and want to improve, the current economic recession can be frustrating for your plans to progress in your life. Many people work long hours “keeping their heads up” to maintain their job security.

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However, you can now take four proactive steps to increase the security of your current role, and position yourself in an advanced position to advance your career as economic conditions improve.

Step 1 – Organize.

For most of us, we are very busy and less efficient in handling our business. This can turn into a downward spiral, as taking too much time to get things done can increase our workload issues. It takes a while to organize ourselves better and manage our time more productively (even if it is just a weekend), which has a continuing benefit. If you manage your work with only 10% efficiency, you will get an extra morning or afternoon each week. This gives you the time to develop yourself into the basic skills needed to develop your career goals.

Step 2 – Communicate Effectively.

If you want to hear inside and outside your organization, you need to increase the effectiveness of your communications with others. The ability to communicate, compellingly, and unforgettably is vital while showing confidence and attraction. They don’t remember the details of your messages. They will remember the point you made and the things you did. How you can say what you say, how easy it is to understand, how trustworthy and how memorable your messages are are the key factors to communicate effectively. Training to centralize messages, organize content, maximize impact, and deliver memorable messages can make a big difference to your communication skills, so how others value you.

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Step 3 – Sell yourself.

Notice, you need to add value. Whether you are promoting a product or idea Innovation, you need to ship others to progress. It is a universal reality that if we want to sell to people, we can only achieve this by selling ourselves first. No matter how good our product or idea is, if people don’t like us, they won’t agree with our advice. We all see the world through our eyes and nothing drives us until it impacts us as an individual. By learning how to sell relationships that make us “more attractive” to the other person, we can increase our chances of achieving a successful outcome.

Furthermore, by focusing on the benefits our offerings offer them, we will have greater success in convincing people of our agenda by sympathizing with the objections and gaining stability.

Step – Negotiate.

Of course, everything in life is negotiable. It is much easier to accept the offer without knowing if the deal is good. We have to be careful about this because we need to maintain a positive relationship with our contacts, even if we always want to have the best deal. We want our best deal, but we also need a good deal for them. Improving your negotiation skills as a win-win negotiator will provide you with more opportunities to add value both professionally and personally. By learning how to identify negotiation opportunities, organize your negotiating approach, and use negotiation maneuvers, you can consistently achieve better deals.

You don’t expect perfection in these four areas. It’s impossible anyway! Grow yourself to achieve only a 10% improvement. You may be surprised by the difference that is happening.

Stay in the Process and You Will Achieve Success

The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people do not give up; they continue to do these simple things every day, which can lead to their success. On the other hand, those who fail are soon left behind and out themselves; they don’t have a good philosophy or attitude and don’t get good results.

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I will use the story of frogs to illustrate the principle of “light margin”.

One day, two frogs jumped and threw them into the swamp, and after a while, they got bored and decided to explore somewhere else. They jumped into a farm with plenty of places to explore. After a while, they came across a bucket of milk and jumped in to swim. They soon realized that the milk they were swimming in was delicious and their stomachs were filled with fresh milk.

After a while, they decided to jump home better than a pile and go home, but the sides for them to jump were downhill and slippery. Finally, when a frog struggles to get out, they continue to swim and say, “It’s so desperate. We’ll never get out of here. I can’t swim anymore, so I’ll stop swimming.”

The other frog would not give up easily, so he continued to swim and struggled to get out, and he hoped there would be a way out if he tried hard. The frog was finally exhausted and had to stop swimming; He couldn’t continue and didn’t give up. But to his surprise, when he stopped swimming, he didn’t drown in his swimming pool.

This story explains how you will get results if you put yourself in the process of doing these simple things. You may not see them at first, but after a while, you will see the results you want.

Don’t Wish It Were Easier, Wish You Were Better Like the Water Hyacinth

The principle of “Side Edge” is illustrated in this story, The Water Hyacinth, about the wonderful powers of duality.

Water Hyacinth is a beautiful plant, with gentle leaves you can see floating on the surface of ponds in warmer climates around the world, multiplying by doubling itself and sending a short runner’s morning into daughter plants.

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If the pond’s surface is stable and unstable, it can cover the entire pond surface in just 30 days, and this phenomenon has surprised botanists and ecologists for years.

On the first day, on the fifteenth day, it may be square feet, and on the twentieth day, two-thirds of the month, you will notice that the size of the baby’s bed is floating on the surface. On the 29th, the surface of the pool was still open, but by the age of 30, the entire pond was covered with water hyacinth. You will never see any water.

Water Hyacinth used the principle of “light margin” to cover the pool. By using these simple steps every day, we can apply this same principle to our business, which will deteriorate over time and lead to success. For example online marketing, we get the first page of Google and make a lot of sales. This is achievable for everyone, but often people give up if this does not work for them fast. You may not see results today or tomorrow, but if you are in the process your success will come.

Sharon Shirley grants you permission to copy, republish and publish this article on your website or blog. As long as the article and links are not changed in any way, this permission is available for others to copy and reproduce.


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