The Dead Hear His Voice And Live And Not Die

in Success November 5, 2019

The Dead Hear His Voice And Live And Not Die

What is this dead thing or situation in your life? Enjoy and be happy when you hear the voice of the Son of God! Christ, through His Word, can swallow death all around you. This publication encourages you to use the power of the word of Christ in death, death or the things around you. They listen, live and die.


John 5:25 (AMP) Believe me when I assure you, tell you with great seriousness that the time has come.

You swallow death. Will abolish death forever]. The Lord God wipes away tears from all faces; The reproach of his people is taking over the earth. Because the LORD hath spoken it – Isaiah 25: 8 (AMP)

The robber only comes to steal, kill and destroy. I come, because they can enjoy life, and they have plenty (full, overflowing) John 10:10 (AMP)

You may face challenges that focus on death or dead issues; This could be your health, business, career or relationship. But whatever it is, when you hear the voice of Christ, know that you must live because the words of Christ give you spirit and life – John 6:63. Jesus has life and all he receives is life.

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He has ears to hear his voice for all that is created. When you speak to them in the Word of God with faith, they hear the voice of God and they must obey – Psalm 18: 44-45. They cannot resist the Word of God. In Luke 8: 26-39, when we see demons in the man who belongs to Jesus, it is not a matter of whether or not they will go, but where they should go, for they are sure to go when they are asked.

God has given you a mouth as a tool to impose His will on dead or dead things or circumstances. He gave you a mouth and wisdom that your enemies could not resist or contradict – Luke 21:15. You need to use it to change this situation. They have ears and must obey Christ’s voice through His words spoken in faith. Continue to proclaim the Word of God in these circumstances and you will die and not die.

The centurion of Matthew 8: 8 understood this well and said to Christ, “Say the word, and my servants will be healed.” Distance is never an obstacle, it is only spoken by the Word, and this thing or circumstance is heard and lived regardless of man’s judgment.

When Jesus called Lazarus, he heard His voice and went out four days after He died – John 11: 43-44. Also, in Luke 7: 14-15, Jesus said to the dead in the open coffin, “Get up, young man.” He sat down and started talking. Let the dead hear his voice and live!

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Inanimate things obey the Word of God. For example, Ezekiel spoke about the Word of God in the dead bones, standing at their feet, a huge force that surpassed Ezekiel 37: 1-10. Also, in Mark 11: 12-14, Jesus said that the fig tree would never be eaten again. In verse 20, the next day, the fig tree withered away from its roots. They listen to his words and obey. The situation may not change immediately, but of course, if you stand in faith, it will change, live and die.

What can I say? Hearing the words of Christ and speaking by faith will not live. In Mark 11: 22-24, Jesus said, “Belief in God. Of course, I say to this mountain,” Be a creature, throw it into the sea. “Do not doubt His heart, but believe that what He says will be accomplished. I tell you, whatever you ask for when you pray, you are then I think you’ll get back. ”

So, say God’s words to this part of your body, your work, your profession or your relationship with the dead or dead, you will live. Speak with confidence and do not doubt. Keep advertising until you see the natural look of life. When they hear the words of Christ spoken in faith, they have no choice but to obey. Start talking today, your testimonies are many.

The Gods I Do Not Believe In

If you are one who does not believe in God, have you ever wondered who or what is rejected? Of course, not all atheists have the same idea of ​​God, but based on what I have heard and read over the years, I have tried to mention the most important things that people disagree with so that we can narrow down the areas of disagreement and find the things we can accept along the way. Not every atheist will reject all the gods on this list, but I think most of them will find familiar “faces” among them. The thing that may surprise many is that most Christians, including myself, reject these false gods.

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God is somewhere.

When the Soviet Union first placed a man in space, when he returned, he said that he did not see God there, which means he must be there if you cannot see him. This kind of thinking, regardless of how God is often described as invisible, is described as “somewhere”, that is, in space or anywhere, it is infinite, that is, attending to your home as it is in the cathedral or at the top of a mountain. Some years ago, I was surprised to hear radio broadcaster and writer Ludovic Kennedy on the radio that as a child he went to church and decided that there was no God because he failed to see him there, and this led him to become an atheist for the rest of his life. Strangely, the early Christians were sometimes called “atheists” because they did not worship the clear image of their God. Unlike all other religions, there is nothing to discuss. If you are limited in the time and space of the unbelieving God, we have nothing to discuss, and I am a non-believing fellow.

God of the spaces.

Some people seem to use God as an explanation for all the gaps in human knowledge, from thunderstorms to heart attacks. This God shrinks as science progresses. Of course, “science” does not have all the answers to date, and the disorder is now in the face of a challenge we thought we might recognize from the results of some new research. Humility is more than just the scientists who are trying to talk about what they currently think. However, the theory of God as the creator and host of the universe has not been influenced by recent scientific discoveries. God was first and foremost known all about atoms, radio waves, DNA and silicon before humans could even begin to think about such things.

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“Science” is the name of man’s attempts to understand the universe that God created. Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus say “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” So all truth is God’s truth, and the truth is worth pursuing. All real truths draw us closer to God. If the so-called scientific discoveries seem to contradict God, it may be because they have a limited understanding of both science and God. When I was younger, before I believed, I was once asked to join a Christian discussion group and asked if I was seeking God. I honestly couldn’t say I was looking for him because I didn’t know if God exists, so I said, “I’m looking for the truth.” The group leader wisely said, “It does! It’s the end!” He was right

God who stands up for us.

This is a very dangerous god and political leaders refer to war as justification. To believe in such a God is to believe in people who want simple answers to difficult questions and refuse to see rights and errors, especially in most conflicts on both sides of wrongs. Those who believe that God has always been with Israel in the Old Testament may not read the Old Testament or may have seen Him superficially. Nowhere near as complex as it is, Israel receives a lot of criticism from prophets who spoke about God. Peace or military service is the “right thing” to be a big issue in any situation or all cases. The answer does not help us determine whether or not there is a God. He doesn’t have to be on our side all the time.

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