SlimR 360 provides an answer for this particular obesity reduction. There’s an Instant Herbal Blend that helps to easily remove the ominous compound from your entire body.

Product Name: SlimR 360

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SlimR 360

SlimR 360 Review

Can you lose weight with the slim 360? The SlimR 360 is a unique fat shredder, designed to help you lose weight quickly and safely. It claims to allow users to experience rapid weight loss. Does this product work as promised? In short, yes. The following is an overview of the SlimR 360 and the healthy metabolic rate, or MRO, it promotes.

When using slimr 360, what are you trying to accomplish? As the creator of the SlimR 360 tells it, the purpose of the product is to suppress your appetite naturally. As the name implies, the SlimR 360 targets your appetite, as opposed to other weight loss aids, which often make use of chemical additives or other forms of artificial stimulants to increase the amount of food intake. It also promises to suppress cravings, without increasing hunger. Finally, it targets fat, eliminating the possibility of additional weight being added to one’s frame through increased calories.

What Is SlimR 360?

SlimR 360 especially targets the appetite, as the creator states that the cause of amassing stored fat onto the heart, arms, hips, and much more has nothing to do with aerobic workouts, dieting, or genetics. It can’t even be blamed on the changes within the body that occur with aging. Instead, the founders theorize the bloodstream has a toxin that can cause the body to retain the weight. This toxin — that isn’t named on the site triggers a disturbance in the manner in which the body regulates fat accumulation and can result in the individual to eventually become fat.

With the use of SlimR 360, the organization says that anybody can look around 3 lbs. In a matter of 2 days. This weight reduction is supposedly”raw fat,” rather than being water retention or inflammation. The success, it seems, is due to using the”instant herbal blend” found within this formula, which could overthrow the multi-billion-dollar weight loss market.

SlimR 360 General

How Does SlimR 360 Work?

As you may have guessed, the claim that the product suppress your appetite is partially true. Since you won’t be “hunting” for food when you’re using slimr 360, you will experience less hunger and a more natural reduction in fat, allowing you to lose weight at a more rapid pace. Additionally, since the fat is eliminated, you will notice a more balanced metabolic state, increasing your natural ability to reduce weight.

What is the ingredient list for the slimr 360? Besides the natural appetite suppressant ingredients, the SlimR 360 contains three other ingredients that further enhance its weight loss abilities. The first is the proprietary ingredient banaba, which boosts metabolism and causes fat to be burned off in the liver and throughout the body. The second ingredient is a natural aphrodisiac called wild yam extract, which increases your metabolism and causes your body to produce more human growth hormone (HGH), which helps reduce fat stores.

Why is it called a slimr 360? Because it provides an immediate herbal blend for safe, healthy weight loss. It does not promise miraculous results; however, it does promise long-lasting results through the promotion of fat burning. Furthermore, the slimr 360 has been tested to be the most effective fat burner in history. This is because it not only burns fat but also speeds up your metabolism and increases your energy levels, allowing you to lose weight with almost no calorie consumption.

Do I need to purchase the slimr 360 e-book? No, you do not need to purchase the e-book called slimr 360. This is available as a downloadable file from the company’s website. Additionally, there are plenty of other weight loss programs out there, so do not necessarily believe that this product is the only one that will work for you. However, if you are serious about losing weight and have tried all of the other programs as well, then the Slimr 360 may be just what you need.

What are the Ingredients of SlimR 360?

Macca Root

It helps in improving your memory and strengthens your own brain function.

Cha de Bugre

The supplement has Cha de Bugre also. It can help to avoid fluid retention in the body. Plus, it aids in getting rid of cough. You’ll also be able to fight viral infections due to the presence of the wonder ingredient in the supplement.

The very best part about Cha de Bugre is the fact that it prevents the healing of wounds. It controls the thyroid gland. Because of this, you will not need to worry about gout strikes.


You may find Guarana in this formulation also. It is a plant which helps to improve your focus. Some people struggle with lousy Constipation. But you do not have to get worried at all.

The main reason is that Guarana helps treat the Constipation issue. Well, this plant has the power to decrease the bad cholesterol levels in your body. As a result, you see an improvement on your heart health. The high Caffeine content in this plant helps to give substantial relief from pain.

Green Tea Leaf

The very best thing about Green Tea is the fact that it improves the mind function. Additionally, it protects your mind from aging. There are lots of healthy bioactive compounds present in this supplement.

The antioxidants found in this supplement assist to fight the free radical damage. You will be surprised to know that Green Tea has the ability to boost your cardiovascular health too.

SlimR 360 Product

Pomegranate Fruit

You won’t run out of nourishment when on weight reduction. The main reason is that the nutritional supplement has Pomegranate Fruit. The magic ingredient also fights the inflammation in the human body. Because of this, it has a tendency to benefit your joint pain too. The fruit may also be helpful in protecting against distinct kinds of Cancers.

The fruit is beneficial in lowering your blood pressure also. An extra characteristic of Pomegranate fruit is that it helps to fight fungal and bacterial infections. You will witness an improvement on your memory too with this fruit.


It’s anti-inflammatory properties which help to fight inflammation. It is helpful to manage your glucose levels. Plus, it can help to control elevated Cholesterol levels too.

Amorphophallus konjac

You will find Amorphophallus konjac in this formulation too. It can be useful in healing the wounds. Plus, handling your high blood clot degree and blood sugar will not be an issue because of this ingredient. You will witness significant improvement in your gut health because of the existence of this ingredient.


  • The formulation keeps you lively and you’re able to perform your daily tasks without a problem.
  • It Promotes healthy weight reduction.
  • You will find loads of organic ingredients in this supplement so that you need not worry about the side effects
  • The supplement works on improving your immunity so that your body can fight infections.
  • It Supports muscle gain and enhanced energy levels.
  • Most nutritional supplement in the market rip off you your money but this supplement is affordable
  • You can acquire lasting results with this supplement provided you stick to a disciplined lifestyle.
  • It Helps boost your metabolism speed.


  • The supplement isn’t available in the physical stores so you will need to make your buy online.
SlimR 360 Result


In order to gain the most from the weight loss benefits of the slimr 360, you need to combine it with another weight loss program and a healthy eating plan. This is because while the product is an instant herbal fat burner, it does not work on its own. You will still need to eat healthy and exercise, in order to achieve long term weight loss success.

What does the slimr 360 contain? As mentioned above, the slimr 360 contains three herbal ingredients: green tea, guarana, and garcinia cambogia. Green tea has been used to effectively lose weight due to its antioxidant properties. Guarana is an ingredient that is found in many popular weight loss and diet pills. Finally, garcinia cambogia is a natural herbal ingredient that boosts your metabolism and causes your body to break down stored fat more rapidly.


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